My First Blog Post

Hi Everyone!

Here is my first blog post – created for the BMC 312 course – Social Media Essentials. I agree with other classmates that navigating this platform is a bit confusing at first, but I am practicing.

My Twitter username is @IsraSafadi . I actually don’t use Twitter and created this account for this course. I am a Facebook and Instagram user.

A bit about me is that I was born in Calgary and studied commerce at Haskyane School of Business (University of Calgary) with a major in Marketing. Currently, I work at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Social Work as the Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator. This was a natural shift for me because I have a great passion for social justice issues. Some of my interests include listening to music, reading, working out, and fashion.

One thing that I am looking forward to learn in this course is utilizing social media platforms that I haven’t used before. For example, this is my first time using Twitter. I noticed that the language seems to be a lot more conversational and short. This is really interesting and already I see a lot of conversations going back and forth. I don’t know why I never chose to open a Twitter. It could be that we have a preference for certain platforms over the other. I am also looking forward to hopefully learn how to utilize social media in a marketing strategy. I often use social media to inform and promote things, but I would like to see if there is way to optimize this. Also, if there are generational, analytical, etc. insights to this.

Looking forward to meeting all of you throughout the course!


2 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. Hi Isra,

    Thank you for sharing your Blog and Twitter with us. It’s very nice to meet you. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I am a newbie too so I can understand what you mean about learning this new platform. I am looking forward to learning a lot in this course.

    That is great that you took the Marketing undergrad, I am couple of courses away from the Marketing Certificate. How did you get the position at the University of Calgary? I would like to transition into a role there as I love continuous learning.

    My blog is: and my Social Media info is:

    Facebook Page:

    I posted my personal info via the course Introduction as I want my Blog to be on the professional side.

    Have a great evening,


    • Hi Anca,

      Thank you so much for your comment and I hope you had a great weekend as well!

      Congratulations on being so close to completing your Marketing Certificate! How are you enjoying studying Marketing?

      Regarding finding a position at the University of Calgary I would browse the careers section on the University of Calgary website and/or various faculties LinkedIn pages as well. For me being connected to a job that had a social justice element was important so I looked for that when applying to institutions.

      Best of luck in your transition!

      Kind regards,



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