Social Media Best Practices

Hi All!

Through my BMC 312 journey I found this weeks readings to be very insightful! They allowed me to think about my current practices and identify what I think I do great and what I can improve on. Here are two key learnings I identified for social media best practices!

  1. Frequency of Posts – While there was no direct answer on the exact number of social media posts you should make, there was a consenous that frequency of content is key in social media best practices. You do not want to overwhelm your audience with content (especially promotional) but rather keep them engaged and remembering your business, organization, etc. From experience I think that often times why this aspect gets neglected is lack of preparation. We become busy with our day to day lives and simply post whenever it comes to mind/we can make time. Using a more strategic approach to planning out posts in a schedule would prevent this. From frequency this could be through using automated programs to post content such as Hootsuite or simply planning our your content in an excel spreadsheet or written calendar. I greatly believe in the accuracy of this best practice from personal experience. Previously I was not a “good” poster on Instagram. I would not really post often and be on a more random schedule. Because it seemed like I didn’t really care about my social media I don’t think my audience did either (shown in fewer likes). As I grew I posted more often/diversified content and found a great increase in my own viewership. The same can be be observed from business accounts I manage as well.
  2. Content Mix Ideas – Create, Curate, and Collaborate. These three C’s for content mix helped me think of how I could be more creative in the content I post/business content. First, with creating content there are many programs that can be used to show more creativity and professionalism in posts. These include video campaigns, Canva creations, etc. I love using my iPhone to capture content quickly and clearly. However, the point I found the most eye-opening was curating content. Social media is not just about promoting a specific product but creating an image, ideas, discussion about what matters to you, as well as what image you want to portray. For example, if you carry certain brands use their professional images. Or if there are non-profits you support tag their content. Collaborations are just in important in social media as in person. Networking is a powerful tool wherever you are. I think collaborations are amazing because not only does it divide the workload, but also allows you to reach a wider audience!

Thank you for reading! Cant wait to see what everyone found inspiring 🙂


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